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How to get table name by Model in Laravel 5?

Some times we requires get what’s the table name for particular Model. There is a function defined in Laravel itself name 1 getTable()getTable() Please look below example: 1 2 3 $transaction = new Transaction; $table = $transaction->getTable(); print_r($table); $transaction = new Transaction; $table = $transaction->getTable(); print_r($table);

How to Translate Text to desired language ?

Just follow these steps and copy & paste the code you can translate text easily. Step 1 : Make a div with id (id is compulsory) Like <div id="content">Loading…</div><div id="content">Loading…</div> Step 2 : Paste the following code to head section under script tag of your webpage.   <script type="text/javascript"> google.load("language", "1");   function initialize() {… Read More »